Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd.

We resolutely dedicate ourselves to the stable supply of livelihood products in Macao.

We tirelessly pursue the national strategy on economic and energy developments.

Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd. has a history of nearly four decades in Macao. As one of the largest suppliers of petroleum products in Macao, we are mainly engaged in the trading, storage, transportation, wholesale and retail of petrochemical products as well as the installation and maintenance of gas and fuel supply systems.

We boast the comprehensively equipped and fully functional Ka-Ho Oil Terminal, which serves as a storage and transit base of petroleum products and petroleum gas for the entire Macao region, and we also operate the airport oil depots specialized in aviation kerosene storage and aircraft refueling services for Macao International Airport. The network of gas stations and central petroleum gas supply systems constructed with the investment of the company covers all parts of Macao, and our large professional fleet specialized in the transportation of oil and gas products provides convenient and high-quality services for our customers. After years of efforts, we have established a complete marketing network covering petroleum products dealers, distributors and direct customers in various industries, and have received wide trust and praise with its excellent products and services.

The company as a whole was accredited by the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system in 2002 and NKOIL (our logo) has become a well-known brand in the petroleum industry in Macao.

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